Varamahalakshmi Festival

I wanted to start my blog on an auspicious day, so I decided to do so on the Varamahalakshmi Festival day.
In Bangalore this is one of the biggest festivals and is the beginning of festival season. This festival brings back lots of memories. The festive atmosphere starts almost a week in advance. You can see the markets filled with different varieties of flowers, fruits, pooja items etc. We took our daughter to one of the markets in Bangalore during this festival time. She was very exited seeing everything on the road & she wanted to touch everything.
The atmosphere starts a week before in our house too. Cleaning the whole house, buying a kanchivaram saree for the God :-), polishing all the siver items etc.. We used to be so exited when this festival comes. I used to do all the arrangements in the pooja room & my mom & sister used to do all the cooking in the kitchen. After the pooja we used to have lunch & then again get ready for the evening as all neighbours used to come for kumkum. It used to be really fun.
Myself & my daughter were in India but were returning 3 days before this festival. As this festival can be done on any fridays of that month, my mother-in-law wanted to do it on first friday. My daughter was very excited and had lots of fun. On returning to US, we celebrated this festival again.
As always cleaned & decorated the house, decided the menu previous day & we had few friends on the evening of the festival day. These are the few items which I prepared on that day.

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